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contact      Sebastian Bartmann +49 172 689 6090 Im Hag 10 70327 Stuttgart Germany
on stage        honest and live Sebastian Bartmann also enthusiastically maintains contact with the stage and musicians and writes unmistakable compositions for a wide variety of concert line-ups, including Telemania, a 50-minute dazzling kaleidoscope-like work for chamber orchestra, soloists (Ensemble SPARK) and percussion, which was enthusiastically received at Schwarzwald-Music Festival 2018 . In addition numerous compositions which premiered in New York, Miami, Bogotá, Athens, Oxford and Munich. --> more information on music for concert
On commission from Schaeffler and cooperation with RTS, Stuttgart sound concept composition soundtrack to the brand film sound elements and sound design matching the corporate design
  Storytelling        Emotional worlds and brand values Sebastian Bartmann's sensitivity for the different emotional worlds in the film is just as important as his feeling for design lines and brand values as well as his openness to involve clients in the creation process.
     panorama         location with vision He covers the complete spectrum from pure midi production to high-quality live productions with sheet music and recording sessions. The multi-layered film landscape in Baden-Württemberg and the numerous companies are an excellent location for his work and network with international foresight.
Trailer Magic - crystal palast Commissioned by Playmobil in cooperation with Woodblock (Ludwigsburg) Producer: Christian Zehetmeier Director: Izmail Acar
      with own handwriting authentic and fresh Imaginative colourful orchestra soundtracks for animated film are just as much a part of his signature as pulsating and captivating patterns or very reduced and abstract sound worlds. Open and unmistakable, he is concerned with the essence of subtly creating something new and independent that gives the project depth of focus. He composes and produces for cinema, feature films, documentaries, trailers, TV spots as well as corporate films for Mercedes Benz, AMG, VW, Playmobil, Schaeffler, Heineken and others.
audio        ensemble, orchestral, hybrid and ambient
..this is the statement of a composer who has not only listened and learned from contemporary trends in film music, but has almost perfectly assessed the state of the art and aimed his music at the center of the target. Production and programming are top-notch, but more importantly, so is the musical storytelling and your own voice! Truly emotionally evocative writing...“ Oticons Faculty Jury, Los Angeles 2017
Multifaceted orchestra productions, touching melodies and gripping patterns - but also subtle electronic sound worlds - this is what the Stuttgart composer stands for. Sebastian Bartmann.